ALL ABOARD: Korea’s Wine Train

wine train1

Think wine and Asia don’t mix? Think again!

There’s a new train in town, and it’s full of vino. It’s a train ride where you can sit back and relax and drink as much delectable wine as you could possibly want.

It’s hard to believe, but that’s exactly what the Wine Train offers its passengers as it runs from Seoul to Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do and back.

Hop aboard the Wine Train, and you will enjoy all-you-can-drink Korean Wine made of grapes grown in the Yeongdong region.

After sampling wines throughout your journey, your arrival at Yeongdong will bring you one step further into the world of wine. Visit the Wine Korea facilities, a wine foot spa, and have a chance to make your own natural soap using grapes and wine.

The Wine Gallery is the perfect opportunity to learn how the grape becomes the savory drink we know and love. wine train

On display are a variety of wines produced by Wine Korea (each with their specially-designed label), as well as a number of displays that helps visitors better understand this fascinating industry.

Wine Korea staff members provide detailed information on the wine-making process and explain the functions of the various visual displays. You can even visit the underground oak ripening cellar where wine stays briefly before it is bottled.

The train will also introduce you to ginseng (another product of the region) as well as take you around to some tourist attractions in the nearby area.

To take a little break from the wine portion of the tour, you’ll then be bused to Geumsan (40 minutes away from Wine Korea) to Geumsan Ginseng Exhibition Hall.

Learn to wrap four medicinal herbs packets to take home (such as Baekji (백지, Bai Zhi) / Gyepi (계피, Cinnamon) / Danggwi (당귀, Giant Angelica) / Bakha (박하, Peppermint)) and let the fresh smell of the herbs fill your senses. Even those who have never done this type of activity will be sure to be wrapping like a pro in no time!

At Geumsan Ginseng & Medicinal Herb Market, the final tour stop of the day, you’re sure to be enthralled by the myriad of medicinal herbs and products dangling in front of store windows and proudly displayed around each vendor. Don’t forget to try the fried ginseng served with starch syrup; just one bite and you’ll see why this sweet and crispy treat is one of the marketplace’s mouthwatering specialties.

At 6:00p.m. it’s time to head back to Seoul Station. Snack on sandwiches, gimbap (김밥), and other free snacks. Of course, the ride back to Seoul Station is also the perfect time to have your final glasses of wine and bid adieu to the new friends you’ve made during your journey.
As the train rolls into the station at 9:10p.m. it’s time to disembark and go home, full of wine and pleasant memories of your day touring the countryside.