Awesome Things about Korea: Cute Little Boutiques

By Heather Bucurel
Take a trip to downtown, or around any major university, and you’ll find them: cute little boutiques selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. Each store is unique in its storefront and decor, as well as content awaiting you inside. Koreans love to shop, and it shows! While some guys might find male fashion a little too metro and trendy for them, and some gals might find female fashion a little too cutesy or frilly, there’s bound to be a gem in the rough just waiting for you somewhere.

You can usually stock up on some great basics at bigger boutique stores like Vitamin, Time Zone, and the like. But the smaller stores are great for those one-of-a-kind pieces. I really like the jewelry stores that squeeze themselves between the coffee shop and pizza stand. Here you’ll find one long room; two walls filled with baubles of every color and imagination. The shiniest of these are what beckon you inside to explore. Looking for the perfect accessory for your weekend party outfit? Or perhaps the right accompaniment for casual, everyday wear? You can find it here.