Korea on the Rocks

There are some great outdoor opportunities in Korea. From the 19 amazing national parks to the endless unspoilt islands to the millions of hiking trails that snake through every mountain and hill in every city and town, Korea is a great place to be outdoors.rockclimbing

I’ve recently come into contact with a super cool girl named Sonia who has been researching her tail off on the best rock climbing spots in the ROK for a book on the subject.

“I spent almost 8 months researching the book, living out of my car (camping, crashing with friends. . .), traveling the country. It was amazing!
“My first 3 years I visited all the mountain National Parks. When I returned, I added all the Coastal Parks as well. Provincial parks are really the hidden gems, though! Sununsan and Maisan (literally) rock!
Check out her site here for some ideas and tips on where to hit the rocks in South Korea.