Korea as a Couple

finding jobs in south korea as a couple

Are there jobs available for couples in Korea? Yes, yes, yes!

Coming to Korea with a significant other is an adventure of a lifetime. I should know, because I came with my husband after just one year of marriage.

My husband and I worked at the same school in Korea (which isn’t that common), so we practically spent every minute of our days together. No lie, we almost killed each other in the beginning (please read my husband’s humorous blog about it here). But once we got in our groove, we couldn’t have loved it more.

Having someone to share your experience, adventures, frustrations, and daily life with will make your adjustment to another culture much easier. And schools are eager to find couples to save them money on accommodations.

But it’s also important to know that living abroad with a partner can be stressful for couples who come to Korea and then decide to break up. I’ve seen this happen to several couples and, in some cases, it ruined the experience for them.

Make sure you talk with your partner about all the possible positives and negatives of moving to Korea to teach English before signing on.