Is it Safe to Travel and Work in South Korea?


North Korea has a long history of making confrontational rhetoric and empty threats to South Korea, the United States and other nations. All the experts in this matter both international and based in the U.S agree that there is no real or present danger that North Korea would act on its threats.

In reality no country has issued alerts or warnings concerning travel to South Korea and the country’s tourism numbers are up. Last week the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) announced a record number of visitors for March, with the inbound international tourists numbering more than a million for the first time in history! Although tourism numbers are not yet available for April, Korean Air and several major hotels told the news outlet there has been no noticeable dip in bookings.

The real situation in Korea is completely normal, as the daily lives of the Korean people and its visitors remain peaceful, safe and uninterrupted. Korea remains a safe, pleasant and beautiful destination to work in. All airports, airlines, cities and attractions are operating normally.

It is however advised that foreigners travelling to South Korea, and any country other than your home country, register their personal and final destination information on their local embassy or government website.

Register according to your native country at the following websites:



South Africa




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