Recommended Reading on Korea


It’s a good idea to learn more about Korea before you arrive or even after you’re here. Here is a list of newspapers and books that will help you further understand your new home and the culture around you.


  • The Korea Herald – a daily newspaper offering the latest Korean news in English
  • The Korea Times – a daily newspaper offering the latest Korean news in English
  • The Chosun Ilbo – a daily newspaper offering the latest Korean news in English
  • Say Kimchi News – our monthly newsletter offering the latest information, headlines, expat opinions, restaurant reviews, and goings-on of foreigners in Korea


  • Korea Unmasked by Won-bok Rhie; Louis Choi, Jung Un (translation); 236 pages. (Kimyoungsa, 2002). This book—set up through comic strips—introduces real aspects of Korea that are sometimes misunderstood and unknown to foreigners. Through skillfully chosen subjects – e.g., spicy food, education fever, conglomerates, the tension between North and South Korea – Won-bok Rhie explores the unique manifestations of Korean attitudes that are often misunderstood by foreigners. It is a fascinating exploration of the Korean mindset that weaves together history, sociology and cultural anthropology. The insightful discussions on Korea’s place between China and Japan, its more well-known neighbors, also clear the fog away as to who the Korean people are.
  • Lonely Planet Korea by Lonely Planet; 7th edition (April 1, 2007). The absolute must-have for traveling around Korea. Dirty yourself clean at the Mud House – one of Korea’s many public baths, p.320. Forget hot dogs – snack on dried squid at a baseball game, p.133. Vow to get fitter as a wizened Korean lady overtakes you on the climb up Seongsan Ilchulbong, p.282. Steady yourself for the sight of 100,000 people participating in the North’s Mass Games, p.355. Four expert authors, 68 detailed maps, 189 boiled silkworms. Expanded information on North Korea tours. New Activities chapter including detailed advice for hiking up Hallasan.
  • An English-Korean/Korean-English dictionary. Doesn’t matter the publisher. Just don’t leave home without one!