Camping in Korea

There is no better get-away in Korea than spending a weekend camping in the great outdoors. For the hiking enthusiast, many of Korea’s mountainous national and provincial parks provide campgrounds with running water and washroom facilities for as little as 3,000 won a night.

camping in korea

If lugging a tent around doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, some of the popular hiking routes are dotted with heated shelters where you can even rent a blanket for the night. For a more relaxing option, many of Korea’s islands boast beautiful sandy beaches that are completely empty for most of the year. You can generally camp anywhere along these beaches, so long as you clean up your trash when you leave.

Outdoor stores are plentiful in Korea, and camping gear can be purchased in any city. Prices for tents and other gear are comparable with what you would expect to pay at home for similar items.

If you are a camping enthusiast then don’t leave home without your tent and gear. You will definitely use it.

Camping in Korea tips:

  • If planning a trip in Korea seems overwhelming, offers prearranged trips for booking (including rafting, bungee jumping and hiking), and will help you plan a customized trip.
  • For help planning your own hiking trip, consult
  • Bring plastic bags for trash—it’s always hard to find trash cans in Korea.
  • Bring a grill (available at Lotte Mart or any super store in Korea for less than $30) and a cooler and enjoy a good cookout.
  • If you are going camping on the islands and need to take a ferry, don’t forget your foreigner ID and/or passport. You will need to jot down some identification numbers on your ferry ticket.
  • Don’t forget bug spray, especially in the summer months.