A Video Introduction

In this day and age of YouTube, it only makes sense that we offer our schools the second best thing to meeting you in person – a video introduction. Here’s an example of a great video one of our applicants submitted;

Whilst completely optional, in order make you a more likely candidate for a teaching job in Korea, we ask you to take one additional step in the application process and record a short video introduction of yourself that we can pass on to our partner schools. Don’t worry, your video won’t be available for the world to see – only our partner schools in Korea can view it.

We think this is a fun and creative way for you to introduce yourself to the school before you even interview. We ask that you keep it under two minutes. Feel free to make it as basic as ABC. But don’t be afraid to think outside the cubicle, as we like to say. Introduce yourself, show your personality, exhibit your strong points; you can even sing a song!

Don’t forget to smile. And don’t talk too fast!

Please upload your video to YouTube and entitle it “Your Name – Say Kimchi Recruiting Introduction Video”. You can play with the privacy settings to ensure only people with the link are able to view it.