The Job Process and Timeline

This is the typical process and time line of obtaining a job in Korea through Say Kimchi Recruiting. It can take as little as 2 months from application time to the time you board a plane. Say Kimchi Recruiting will work with you through every step of this process. As for when you should apply, you can apply on our site at any time. There are questions on the application where you can explain your preferred start date, preferences, and document information.


  • Required Documents

    Start gathering the required documents to legally teach in Korea. See our Required Documents page to learn exactly what you need.

  •  Video Introduction

    Put together your Video Introduction. Remember to keep it under 2 minutes and be creative!

    Submit Application

    Submit your Online Application to Say Kimchi Recruiting. You will upload your photograph with your application so try to keep it professional and show schools you mean business!

  • Let’s Talk!

    You will be contacted by email by one of our recruitment co-ordinators who will touch base with you about your preferences and let you know our current job openings. All of our staff have lived and worked in Korea before so be sure to ask any questions if you are unsure about anything!

  • Interview

    Your co-ordinator will send your resume and video out to schools across Korea and set up interviews with schools interested in hiring you. If the interview is a success an offer will be made and the contract will be sent to you.

  • Sign Contract

    Once you are happy with the contract, you will sign it and scan a copy over to us. We will then secure your position and get your ready to send your documents for visa processing!

  • Send Documents

    Send the first package of required documents to Korea via Fed Ex or DHL. We will provide the mailing address once you have secure a job. Once you have sent the documents you will send us the tracking number so we can keep track of these important documents. The documents you will send in this package are:

    1. Copy of diploma WITH APOSTILLE
    2. Nationwide criminal background check WITH APOSTILLE
    3. SIX official size color passport photos
    4. Photocopy of your passport page
    5. Resume
    6. Signed contract
    7. Completed E2 health statement (we will provide you with this form when you sign a contract)
  • Passport Stamped!

    It takes about 2 weeks for immigration to process your E-2 visa number. We’ll send it to you as soon as we have it. You will then send your passport and other documents (we’ll let you know exactly what to send) to Your Nearest Korean Consulate who will then take around 5 days to stamp your passport with your OFFICIAL VISA!

    Please Note: You can either mail or take your documents to the consulate in person. If you mail them in, please include prepaid priority mail envelope so they can mail it back to you.

  • Fly To Korea!

    Say Kimchi Recruiting will help arrange your flights. Sometimes, the school asks that you pay for the flight upfront and then they will reimburse you once you arrive in Korea. Mostly, the school pays for it upfront and sends you the itinerary.

    FLY TO KOREA! Either a representative from your school or our pick up agent will be there to pick you up at the airport and help you get settled in.

  • Health Check

    Complete your health examination at the local hospital. This will cost about W70,000. You need this health check to receive your official alien registration card in Korea. You will also need two additional official size color passport photos.

  • Have the Adventure of a Lifetime!

    Live out your adventure in South Korea. Have fun! Remember, we are always at hand throughout your stay.