After We Receive Your Application

So, you’ve submitted your application along with your video introduction (hopefully) and you are well on your way to collecting the documents you need to get your E-2 visa! What happens now?

Note: Please make an effort to check your emails at least once a day from this stage as things can move extremely fast!

When we receive your application one of our friendly recruitment co ordinators will go over it to ensure it is complete. Your co ordinator will send you out a welcome email and you are then free to ask any questions you have directly to him or her. Your co ordinator will be a great resource and an absolute fountain of knowledge on all things Korea – they’ve all lived and worked in Korea just like you are planning to do!

From here your coordinator will start sending out your details to our network of high quality schools across Korea that match your requirements. They will then liaise with you to arrange a suitable time for any interview requests that come in and give you tips on how to do well in any interviews you have lined up.

Once a school makes you an offer and you decide to accept, your co ordinator will pass you onto our E-2 visa expert Mandy who will help you gather your documents, book your flights and assist with any other items relating to your new adventure!