F4 Visas


Foreign citizens who previously possessed Korean citizenship or foreign citizens with at least one parent or grandparent who possessed Korean citizenship can apply for an F-4 visa.

These visas are usually easier to obtain than E2 visas and allow F-4 visa holders to engage in extensive activity including work in Korea up to two-years unlike other visa status. And this status is extendable with Local Immigration Office.

For an F-4 visa to be issued, the applicant needs to fulfill his Korean nationality renunciation report with Korean Ministry of Justice or Korean Consulate before visa application.

The necessary documents include:

Completed visa application form with photo attached.
Documents proving applicant’s origin is Korean such as Korean family registry or,
birth certificate, etc
Document proving that applicant completed his/her Korean nationality renunciation
Other documents which are deemed to be necessary by the Korean Justice Minister.

* The Validity period for multiple visa is 3 years and maximum duration of stay is 2 years.
An F-4 visa can be obtained in your home country or in Korea after arriving on a regular tourist visa.

Before applying for your F-4 visa, please call your local consulate to verify the process and documents you need.