Making a Decision


When I first began my search for a job in Korea, I read a lot of horror stories. I even came across a list of hogwans you should avoid in a Google search. Perfect! I thought. But when I went to that page, there was a large note written in red at the top saying “We have stopped this list because there were too many schools to report. Don’t work in Korea. Go to Japan.”

This is ignorance and generalizing, at best. It’s simply not true. There are many wonderful jobs in Korea. I know because I’ve had a great job. And many of my friends have had great jobs. And for the past four years, we at SKR have placed people in great jobs.

But there are also bad jobs in Korea, like everywhere else in the world. Some hogwan directors will be unfair. Some of your colleagues might ignore you. Some schools might not give you the vacation or health insurance they promised. Like anywhere else in the world, there will always be a chance you land a bad job.

But as your recruiter, we only work with schools with proven track records. If a school does not follow through with what they promise in their contract or treats a teacher unfairly, we will work with you as a go-between and negotiator. In the future, we will not work with them again. Not only do we want our teachers to be happy, but it’s—on a selfish note—in our best interest to only connect teachers with quality jobs.

We always require that our partner schools allow their current foreign teachers to be contacted by you for questions and opinions on the job. This can help ease your mind and know that you are making the right decision.

Please take note that when a school interviews you, and then they offer you the job, they expect you to take the position. So, before you agree to an interview, be sure that you like the basics about the job (location, hours, pay, etc.)