Sending Your Documents to Korea

Congratulations! You have now accepted a job in Korea! Now, it’s time to send your documents so we can apply for your E2 visa number. Please make sure to print out the below documents checklist, where you should double check that you have everything when it’s ready. You will also need the Korean health statement filled out (by you, not a doctor).

You will be sending this package of documents ONLY through a major carrier such as DHL or Fed Ex. You must have a tracking number for the package. If you do not use a major carrier, your documents could get lost, and you would have to start the document gathering from the beginning (you don’t want to do that, do you?) Plus, your job would be given to someone else, someone who could send their documents quickly.

You will need to send the following documents:

  • Copy of diploma with apostille
  • Nationwide criminal background check with apostille **FBI level background check if you are American, RCMP level if you are Canadian.
  • FIVE official size color passport photos
  • Photocopy of your passport page
  • Resume
  • Signed contract
  • Completed health statement (abovel)

**NOTE: If you are Canadian, you do not need an apostille, you need to have a verification stamp/notarization from your nearest Korean consulate for both your diploma and background check. Your background check should be RCMP level.

Important: Please be sure to have TWO copies of your diploma, each with it’s own apostille. One must be sent now to Korean immigration. Then, bring the other one with you when you come to Korea. It will go to the Korean Education Ministry once you arrive.

Also, please make TWO copies of all your documents and keep them in case you need them later on. You will also might need one university transcript and more passport photos to send later on as well. But most of the time, these are not needed.

We will provide an address for you once you have signed a contract. It usually takes two weeks for your documents to process in Korea. Sometimes, it’s quicker; sometimes, longer. Once they process, we will send you an E2 visa number which will allow you to get a visa stamp in your passport!