Your E2 visa stamp

Once we have your E2 visa number, we will let you know immediately. Here are your next steps! First, find your nearest Korean consulate. (You can see a list here). Visit their website to download their visa application form.

We will give you all the relevant information to fill out on the form, such as your visa number, the person paying for your trip, your address, etc.

You will FIRST need to call the consulate to check about their process. IMPORTANT: Be sure to ask when you can expect to have your stamped visa back in hand and let us know. Consulates will differ sometimes in what they require and how long the turnaround is. You can either mail or take your documents to your nearest Korean consulate.

You will need to include of these items in this package: (Please check with consulate as every consulate asks for different things–some don’t require all of these.)

  • Visa application form with E2 number written across the top.
  • Your actual passport
  • ONE set of official sealed university transcripts
  • ONE official passport photo
  • Visa processing fee (check with your local consulate to make sure the fee amount is correct)
  • Photo copies of your signed contract, university diploma, criminal background check, and Korean health statement.
  • Consulate questionnaire (print it here)
Remember the most important thing at this point of the process is to keep us updated every day! We will be helping book your flights, organize airport arrival and pick-up, etc. We will need to know exactly when you can get your passport and visa back in hand.