Travel Insurance for Teaching English in South Korea

One of the benefits of working in South Korea is the super cheap healthcare that is provided as part of your contract! A very small deduction will be taken from your monthly pay check which your school will match. When you need treatment you simply pay 50% of the cost and the Government will cover the other 50%. A routine trip to the doctors for a check up and some medicine will run you less than $10!

However, if you find yourself needing hospital care, scans, prolonged treatment or even need to be repatriated to your home country you will find that the healthcare provided falls short. Remember, it only covers 50% of your treatment cost and many people have been given large bills they have no chance of paying back because they thought they had a “great healthcare plan” with no need for supplemental insurance. A year or two of adventure in a new country suddenly becomes a nightmare that is very difficult to get out of.

We don’t write this to scare you. Chances are you will have a trouble free, healthy year abroad and be quite happy with the healthcare plan provided to you. But we want to make you aware that if you need anything more than a routine doctor’s visit, costs could mount up into the $1000′s really quickly.

We have partnered with World Nomad’s who are a leading travel and work abroad insurance provider. It couldn’t hurt you to Get a Quote and at the very least consider getting yourself some extensive healthcare coverage before you set off. For peace of mind, if nothing else.