TEFL Courses

Increase your SALARY, open more DOORS and make teaching EASIER than every before with an Online TEFL Certificate.

Taking a TEFL Course to prepare you for teaching English in Korea is a great idea! Whether you plan on making a career out of teaching English or you’re just looking for a year or two of adventure, a TEFL course could be the difference between being eaten alive on your first day and hitting the ground running.

It’s important you give serious consideration to completing a certificate because:

  • Most applicants these days have at least an online TEFL certificate so it’s becoming the benchmark qualification. Many schools are refusing to even interview applicants without one.
  • It will be of tremendous help when you step into the classroom for the first time and will prepare you for teaching and managing your classes.
  • A TEFL Certificate can give you more bargaining power in salary negotiations!

There are literally thousands of different options out there for taking a TEFL course; online, in class or a mixture of both. It can become very confusing but quite simply for Korea we recommend sticking with an online course which you can complete at your own speed.

Everyone at Say Kimchi Recruiting took the TEFL Online “100 Hour Online Diploma” which we thoroughly recommend. The course wasn’t easy and it required some studying and research to complete. The best part is the classroom management modules and I think I would have really struggled with controlling my classroom effectively if I hadn’t of taken the course. You also get a one on one tutor to help you through the course which is invaluable when you have any questions.