The Benefits of Teaching English in Korea

Teaching English in Korea provides many great PERKS. it almost sounds TOO GOOD to be true. But it’s not. Here’s what you get as standard with every contract;


Round trip flights to and from Korea. Most schools will provide the ticket upfront before departure but it’s becoming more common for teachers to book their own ticket and be reimbursed the cost on arrival. At the end of your contract you will also be given flight tickets home! (Most schools will give you the money instead of a ticket if you ask which means you can use it to travel to other countries on your way home!)


Provided housing in either a one room apartment or couples housing if applying with friend or partner. Please see our Accommodations page to find out what to expect from a typical apartment in Korea.


Salaries generally range from between 2.0 – 2.4 million won per month and vary depending on your experience. Saving between $800 and $1000 a month is easy. Tip: To ensure you earn a higher salary, enroll in a TEFL Course before you leave – it pays for itself and more over the year.

Yearly Bonus

Schools offer a severance package equal to one month’s salary upon completion of your contract as an English teacher in Korea. This bonus money will provide you with an excellent opportunity to travel after you have completed your contract.

Health Coverage

In accordance with Korean Labor Law, full health insurance is provided with 50% covered by the school. The remainder of your health insurance costs will be deducted from your salary and amount to approximately $15 per month.

Paid Vacations

Ample time to travel Korea and Asia on weekends, public holidays and at least two weeks of paid vacation time. With China and Japan a stone’s throw away and South East Asia a short haul flight, travelling around Asia is cheap and easy!

National Pension

You will be enrolled in the national pension plan which will cost around $100 a month. Your employer matches your contribution to make it $200 per month. You can claim it ALL back when you leave Korea and get a lump sump refund.

Ready to travel the world, meet new friends and save some money? Apply today!