Why Use Say Kimchi Recruiting?

P1030681You’ve probably realized by now that it’s possible to just go through job ads online and find a job in Korea by yourself. But it’s risky. You won’t know exactly what you’re signing up for. You won’t have someone to take you through the intensive E2 visa process. And you won’t have any support once you land.

Not only do we offer FREE services, but we‘re knowledgeable about the experience. We speak your language. We’ve been here. We’ve taught in Korea. We’ve lived in Korea. We’ve done the same thing you’re thinking about doing right now. We appreciate the adventure in the experience but still understand the challenges of moving abroad. And we do everything we can to make your experience the adventure of a lifetime you’re looking for.

We also know teaching in Korea isn’t for everyone, so we closely vet our applicants so that we are providing quality teachers to match our quality jobs.

We not only care about providing quality teaching jobs for quality people, but we also don’t just drop you in Korea once your contract is signed.

We have an amazing team that works from Korea, making your stay more comfortable. We are on your side, from the very first day you e-mail us until you fly back home a year later (maybe even longer if you’re anything like us!).

Here are a few things we offer:

  • Quality teaching jobs. We are deeply rooted into the teaching community in Korea and know what schools are good and what schools aren’t. We keep close tabs on our schools and our teachers, so that if a school doesn’t follow their contract, we don’t use them ever again. It’s that simple. Your happiness is our happiness.
  • Application support. We walk you through every step of the process to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during your transition. From E2 visas to health checks and criminal background checks, we make sure you have the information to gather your documents in a quick and easy way.
  • Community support. We don’t drop you in Korea and run. Our staff of super friendly English-speaking Koreans are there to help you every step of the way. Don’t know how to turn on your washing machine? We’re there for you. Don’t know how to get to a grocery store? We’ll tell you.
  • Community newsletter. Each month, we publish a newsletter for the foreign community across Korea called Say Kimchi News. The newsletter and website feature the latest information, headlines, expat opinions, restaurant reviews, and goings-on of foreigners in Korea. (We’re always looking for contributors too! If you love to write—contact us at [email protected]!)
  • Community website. We have a website just for foreigners in Korea that offers you practical information in English about your community. You can find detailed maps, bus schedules, festival information, community calendars, foreigner events, and more.
  • Post-Korea help. Once you finish your year contract, our Korean staff can help you obtain a letter of recommendation from your school to help you get that next job back home. Or we can always help you sign up for another year.